Package deal: Stage 1, 2, 3 and 4


Do you still find the entire training a bit exciting? Then this package deal is for you! You start in stage 1 with an interactive e-learning to get familiar with the horeca environment, then in stage 2 you will learn and practice the 10 basic techniques with the help of instruction videos and you will eventually receive feedback from a professional chef in stage 3 to see if you have mastered all learned material. In stage 4 you can watch culinary webinars.

  • Stage 1 (E-learning)

    Are you just starting a new job in the kitchen of a restaurant? Or have you been working in the kitchen for a while but do you feel that you still lack some knowledge? In the e-learning of stage 1 we will teach you the most important basic knowledge and skills that are required if you want to work in a professional kitchen.

    • Interactive modules packed with games, animations, videos and magazines.
    • Including certificate stage 1.
    • ± 2 - 8 hours study time.
  • Stage 2 (Assignments)

    In stage 2 you can find ten cooking assignments that learn you the basic skills of a European Professional Chef. You cook the dishes on your own, but you get help by our instruction video’s and documents.

    Do you want to get feedback from a professional? Check stage 3 before you start stage 2!

    • 10 cooking assignments.
    • Get access to our instruction video’s and documents.
    • Including certificate stage 2.
    • ± 20 - 30 hours study time.
  • Stage 3 (Professional Feedback)

    In stage 3 you get in touch with one of our professional chefs to receive feedback on your assignments from stage 2. This is best way to figure out if you mastering the basic skills. Take your time with stage 2 and be sure you are ready to give us a show!

    • Create one video with your assignments of stage 2.
    • Receive personal feedback from professional chefs from Europe.
    • Including certificate stage 3.
    • ± 6 - 8 hours study time.
  • Stage 4 (Culinary Webinars)

    In stage 4 we give  you the opportunity to dive deeper into specific subjects by following a masterclass webinar. What edible food can we find in the forest or the parc near your house? How to cut fish? Or what are the most common dishes in the France and how to prepare them? These are some topics that you can expect in one of our webinars.

    • Follow a masterclass webinar.
    • Dive deeper into specific subjects.
    • ± 1 - 2 hours study time.