Stage 2 (Assignments)


In stage 2 you can find ten cooking assignments that learn you the basic skills of a European Professional Chef. You cook the dishes on your own, but you get help by our instruction video’s and documents.

Do you want to get feedback from a professional? Check stage 3 before you start stage 2!

  • 10 cooking assignments.
  • Get access to our instruction video’s and documents.
  • Including certificate stage 2.
  • ± 20 – 30 hours study time.


You want to develop your cooking skills and practise your knowledge of stage 1. This stage offers ten basic skills every chef must know. If you master these skills, you can develop them to a higher level in our further stages.
If you finish this stage, you are able to:

  • Making a mayonaise and vinaigrette
  • Preparing a chicken stock from scratch
  • Blanching an glazing vegetables
  • Preparing pommes duchesse
  • Making a Waldorf salad
  • Making a brownie and fruit bavarois
  • Creating a parfait from scratch

If you wanna be sure that you are doing it the right way, we recommend you to record your assignments and creating a video of your preparations. In stage 3 you are able to show your skills to our professional chefs and they will give you personal feedback. Check the information at stage 3 for more details!